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Soulful Link channel is for soulful house music lovers. All of you who prefer Soulful House DJ Mixes with a hint of Jazz, Nu-Jazz, Funk, Latin groove, African rhythms, and you'll hear some other house sub-genres too. Expect to hear beautiful vocals and harmonies, and to feel good vibe on this channel, it'll lift your spirit up every time!

I have to say that I'm not religiously collecting all soulful and vocal house mixes that I can hear online, but when I found one to present, I'll put it straight into heavy rotation with other quality music. This means that you'll also hear some older great DJ mixes and sets equally with newest production. This channel is not only for hottest and latest DJ mixes and sets, this is my outlet for all those mixes that I'm not spinning on main DeepLink Radio and I want to.

Some of you are probably DJ-s and have your own mixes, and you’re probably asking how to contribute to this channel? For a start you can send me links to your mixes and/or links to other DJ’s works. I'll check out each of it for sure, and if it's good it will be included on Soulful Link Radio channel.

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